Our Process

Our process boils down to a simple, 7-stage formula that we use to guarantee consistency and quality in each of our constructions. Throughout each stage, DeLoof both works hands-on and provides keen oversight of any subcontractors to ensure that your project receives the highest level of attention a leading custom home builder can offer. At the same time, we make it a priority to keep you informed on the process every step of the way, so you can always be confident in the progress of your new home or building.

Stage 1: Pre-Construction

In the Pre-Construction phase, we first seek municipal approval and coordination assistance to ensure that all foreseeable aspects of the project are greenlit before we begin allocating resources to development. From there, we schedule out the different aspects of the project to estimate time until completion. We then factor in site safety and logistics planning and conclude by reviewing the constructability of each plan of action. During this stage and the next, we work closely with our interior designer and project coordinator to maximize the value of your dollar by planning out as much of the process as possible before proceeding. At the same time, our designer and coordinator will work closely with you, so you control exactly how your dollar is spent.


Stage 2: In-Depth Project Planning

With the initial project scheduling and pre-construction completed, we then move on to In-Depth Project Planning. During this phase, we emphasize the process of value engineering: a process where we decide the most cost-effective means of ensuring your building will stand the test of time. From here, we try to hammer out as many details of code compliance, budgeting, and scheduling as possible. This ensures that we avoid as many unforeseen complications as possible and stay on-track with your construction. Finally, we begin pre-qualifying subcontractors and finalize our logistics, warehousing, and shipping.


Stage 3: Proactive Site Development

Now that the Project Planning is complete, we move to start procuring all necessary permits and expediting those that must we’ll need sooner rather than later. At this stage, we at last select the perfect site to begin planning and zoning all construction.

Stage 3: Proactive Site Development

Stage 4: Construction

At long last, we now begin the actual construction process. For DeLoof Builders, that means building as much of your construction in the controlled environment of our warehouse, where we can work rain or shine. Once we’ve built everything in-warehouse that we can, we then transport the completed structures to the lot of your choice, where we clear the land and assemble the pieces by crane. We build our homes square, true, and plumb, meaning that every aspect of the home is built and measured to as close to exact as possible.

Stage 4: Construction

Stage 5: Post-Construction

At this stage of the process, we begin building systems and administering equipment training. In construction, building systems are the essential systems of any facility’s day-to-day operation. While there are a variety of building systems essential to any construction project, some of the most common are HVAC, Electrical, and Utilities. While each of these systems are critical in their own right, they also rely on one another to function, so it’s important that every system is held to the highest standard. Each system generally requires its own expert to properly install, so we personally coordinate with each expert to make sure that every system is built with the others in mind. Like us, buildings are one entity with many systems operating inside to make them function properly. If one system were to go down, other systems could very quickly begin to suffer as well. For that reason, our own experts will ensure your systems are at the peak of their health before we perform our final quality checks.


Stage 6: Financial Reporting & Organized File Transfers

During this stage, we handle all the remaining paperwork, finances, and file transfers to ensure all aspects of your home have all the correct documentation and all subcontractors are paid. This means signing and collecting documents such as lien waivers, in which the contractors (DeLoof Builders) and the subcontractors (those we hire to help with construction) waive their lien on your construction with the verification of payment. Along with the lien waivers, we also collect sworn statements from our subcontractors at this stage. The purpose of the sworn statements is to settle all of the costs of the subcontractors, so that they fully release all results of their labor on your construction with the payment of their fees. Afterward, we complete and verify the accuracy of the documentation of the products in your home. This means ensuring all warranties and manuals for the products and materials used in your home are complete and giving them to the concerned parties.


Stage 7: Final Quality Checks

With all other factors at last settled, we move to perform our final quality checks. For us, this means performing our final inspections with audit support. While we inspect the handiwork of our workers and our subcontractors, the audit supporter will also conduct their own analyses to make sure that all invoices to you, the client, are of only strictly necessary aspects of construction. We also take the opportunity to provide on-site quality assurance, so we can give you even more peace of mind that the job was completed to your specifications and with your specified materials. With this, your custom home or commercial construction is complete!

Stage 7: Final Quality Checks

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