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Here at DeLoof, we pride ourselves on our constant innovation in an industry as old as time. For more information on how we innovate and what services we offer you as Southwestern Michigan’s best builder of quality homes, then take a look below at our articles. We also encourage you to check back frequently, since we’ll be adding to our blog every month.


The Charm of Custom Homes

There are few better ways to live than in a custom home, and there are few better places to build that custom home than in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Build Your Dream Home with Kalamazoo Home Builders

When you go house hunting, you’re guaranteed a house that’s, well, already built. What’s never guaranteed when you go house hunting, however, is that the house is everything you hoped for.


Welcome to DeLoof Builders’ New Website!

Today, we’re elated to announce the official new website of DeLoof Builders.

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